Monday, March 14, 2011

Zeitoun: Persuasive Letter

Persuasive Letter
After reading Zeitoun, write a persuasive letter to an organization, important person or government bureau with the power to change something about what went wrong with the response to Hurricane Katrina. Research different organizations such as FEMA, Dept. of Homeland Security, your Congress Person or Senator to determine who would be the best person to take action for your cause.

Like any persuasive argument, use rhetorical devices, facts and examples from the story of Zeitoun to strengthen your argument and attempt to convince the recipient of your cause.

The letter should be at least 250 words and must actually be sent to the recipient by way of email or paper copy and envelope. You must show proof by either printing the email or bringing me your unsealed, addressed and stamped envelope and letter.
I will send it for you.

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