Monday, January 31, 2011

Rule of The Bone # 4

After reading Chapter 9, compare and contrast the school bus during both eras: The Bong Brothers vs. IMAN. What specific phrases does Russell use for each to make the contrast stand out? What are your first thoughts and impressions about IMAN? What does his paranoia about the fourth of july celebration reveal about his past?
In paragraph and without plagiarizing, give a brief summary of the history of Jamaica.
Please refrain from post Marijuana related images.

Define and explain:
Hallie Selasie
Bob Marley
Malcolm X

Zeitoun Assignment #4

Having read to page 94, we can see that Zeitoun has defied the mandatory evacuation and stayed behind despite considerable dangers. Analyze the danger he faces and answer the following in a persuasive paragraph: What do you think of his decision to stay behind? What does he risk? Is it worth it?
In another paragraph or so, predict how the story will end. It seems that what has happened up until now is interesting but not enough to warrant a book. What dramatic occurrence will make this story novel-worthy? Write your paragraph(s) in a descriptive style and demonstrate your knowledge of what has happened so far with your telling of the remainder of the story.

Research, define and describe the following:
  1. Mandatory evacuation
  2. Martial law
  3. Patriot Act
  4. FEMA

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tuesday 11/25

Junior English (periods 1 & 2)
Examine and describe the effects of global warming from two, differing sources. Are the sources accurate, verifiable and unbiased? Why/why not? Which do you believe to be the most accurate?
Explain what weather conditions are necessary for a hurricane to exist. What factors contributed to Katrina's notoriety (extreme destruction). Remember to list Zeitoun 1 (first period) or Zeitoun 2 (second period) as your favorite movie in your personal profile.

Senior English (periods 5 & 6)
In Chapter 5, Bank's takes us on a whirlwind escape and exile from the burning biker pad. Create your own ending for the chapter, starting where Russ finds Chappie tied up in his bedroom. Be sure to include dialogue and keep it appropriate for school. Your story should be at least 200 words long and take us through several changes of scenery and adrenaline-pumping scenarios. If you want to get credit for your first two posts, you must add Bone Rules 5 or 6.