Monday, January 24, 2011

Tuesday 11/25

Junior English (periods 1 & 2)
Examine and describe the effects of global warming from two, differing sources. Are the sources accurate, verifiable and unbiased? Why/why not? Which do you believe to be the most accurate?
Explain what weather conditions are necessary for a hurricane to exist. What factors contributed to Katrina's notoriety (extreme destruction). Remember to list Zeitoun 1 (first period) or Zeitoun 2 (second period) as your favorite movie in your personal profile.

Senior English (periods 5 & 6)
In Chapter 5, Bank's takes us on a whirlwind escape and exile from the burning biker pad. Create your own ending for the chapter, starting where Russ finds Chappie tied up in his bedroom. Be sure to include dialogue and keep it appropriate for school. Your story should be at least 200 words long and take us through several changes of scenery and adrenaline-pumping scenarios. If you want to get credit for your first two posts, you must add Bone Rules 5 or 6.

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