Monday, March 14, 2011

Zeitoun: Persuasive Letter

Persuasive Letter
After reading Zeitoun, write a persuasive letter to an organization, important person or government bureau with the power to change something about what went wrong with the response to Hurricane Katrina. Research different organizations such as FEMA, Dept. of Homeland Security, your Congress Person or Senator to determine who would be the best person to take action for your cause.

Like any persuasive argument, use rhetorical devices, facts and examples from the story of Zeitoun to strengthen your argument and attempt to convince the recipient of your cause.

The letter should be at least 250 words and must actually be sent to the recipient by way of email or paper copy and envelope. You must show proof by either printing the email or bringing me your unsealed, addressed and stamped envelope and letter.
I will send it for you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rule Of The Bone: Narrative Essay

Rule of The Bone

Narrative Essay

The Rule of The Bone is a fictional first-person narrative. This means that the entire story is told from the perspective and in the voice of the protagonist “Chappie” or “The Bone”.

For this essay, create your own character and tell their story, using their unique voice. Follow the steps below as a guideline for creating your plot.

Introduce yourself indirectly by starting your story from the beginning.

Create a conflict or dilemma that causes your protagonist to “leave the nest”.

Introduce characters that create tension or conflict (antagonists).

Include your protagonists’ voice. Help us understand his/her moral conscience. What tough decisions do they have to make? What are the outcomes for those decisions?

Introduce a character or characters that serve as role models or mentors to your protagonist.

Be sure to change the setting several times to provide a fresh perspective and background.

The requirement for this essay is to finish three complete chapters. Each chapter should have its own mini-plot: rising action, conflict, climax and resolution (clean up). Be unique! Do not just copy Rule of The Bone, give a fresh perspective and environment.

Monday, March 7, 2011

R.O.B #8

After reading Bone's Revenge: What are your thoughts? Was "it" the right thing to do? Why/why not?
Examine The Bone as a moral instructor, has your opinion of him changed?
Why do you suppose the author created this encounter? Do we learn more from the protagonists mistakes?
Explain your answers in a well-organized essay. ~250 words

Zeitoun #8

After reading to page 277, answer the following:
Who gives Zeitoun the break he's been waiting for?
Describe how his family decides to deal with the news. Give specific actions for two family members.
Research the prison system in the U.S. Record any interesting facts you encounter. Does there appear to be any ethnic inconsistencies in the ratio of prisoners to outsiders?
What are your miranda rights? Under what circumstances can they be revoked?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

R.O.B # 7

What is your reaction to Chapter 19? Did the ending surprise you? How is this typical for The Bone?
In another paragraph, analyze the theme of "man's inhumanity to man"-a major theme in Huck Finn too- and explore how the novel portrays this. Give specific examples to strengthen your argument.
Don't read this last question until you have finished Chapter 19! In a paragraph or so, explain who you feel is ultimately responsible for IMan's death.

Zeitoun #7

After having read to page 247, discuss your impressions of Zeitoun's imprisonment. Name and describe three or four of the conditions that make it nearly unbearable for him.
In another paragraph, discuss the importance of this story to you: the average American citizen. What is the significance of it all? Should we be worried? Or is it only middle eastern men that need to worry and if that's so, is that OK?
Lastly, write a letter to President Obama himself, urging him to fix FEMA. Why is it necessary? What needs to be done specifically? Why is this important to every American Citizen?
Feel free to use the internet to find facts and information to strengthen your argument.
If you finish early, search REX84 on google-it's scary!