Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rule of the Bone #6

After having read Chapter 17 to page 300:
Describe the Birthday Party. What's really missing? Is The Bone expecting too much or are the hosts just self-absorbed? What does it reveal about "Papa Doc"? What is your first impression of Evening Star?
Answer in at least two complete paragraphs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Zeitoun #6

After having read to page 214:
Explain whether or not you think Zeitoun is being treated unfairly and support your argument with details and examples. How would you feel if you were him? Are there legitimate reasons for his treatment? If he is being treated unjustly, what clues does the novel give us as to why?

In another paragraph, explain why the author included the two quotes at the beginning of the book by McCarthy and Twain. Give specific examples to support your assertions.

Research two or three of the following groups and, in a sentence or two, explain what their role is in a disaster area and comment on their appropriateness in New Orleans:

Blackwater USA
Army National Guard
Department of Homeland Security
Instinctive Shooting International
Border Patrol Tactical Units
SWAT teams

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zeitoun #5

After having read to page 142, metaphorically analyze what the following events reveal about FEMA's emergency management strategies:
The helicopter dropping a case of water directly on top of Zeitoun's tent.
The official blatantly ignoring Zeitoun's request for assistance.
The media's depiction of what was going on in New Orleans.
The middle paragraph on page 136.

Find at least one other ominous hint as to FEMA's attitude.
Find and review at least one news story that depicts the survivors in a negative light.
Be sure to elaborate on each of the topics and provide your own interpretations.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

R.O.B #5 "Coming of Age"

Read Chapter 11 "Red Rover"
Rule of The Bone is supposedly a "coming of age" novel. What does that mean? Identify 3 passages or quotes that are indicative of a coming of age and comment on how and why each is significant.
In another paragraph, identify two or three instances from your life that could be considered coming of age experiences. Describe how you felt at that moment. What change had taken place?

Note: Tomorrow we will have a sub as I will be in a meeting with the English Dept. We will be conducting our Book Club meetings so be sure to bring your novel and "Read and Role" beforehand!!