Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rule Of The Bone: Narrative Essay

Rule of The Bone

Narrative Essay

The Rule of The Bone is a fictional first-person narrative. This means that the entire story is told from the perspective and in the voice of the protagonist “Chappie” or “The Bone”.

For this essay, create your own character and tell their story, using their unique voice. Follow the steps below as a guideline for creating your plot.

Introduce yourself indirectly by starting your story from the beginning.

Create a conflict or dilemma that causes your protagonist to “leave the nest”.

Introduce characters that create tension or conflict (antagonists).

Include your protagonists’ voice. Help us understand his/her moral conscience. What tough decisions do they have to make? What are the outcomes for those decisions?

Introduce a character or characters that serve as role models or mentors to your protagonist.

Be sure to change the setting several times to provide a fresh perspective and background.

The requirement for this essay is to finish three complete chapters. Each chapter should have its own mini-plot: rising action, conflict, climax and resolution (clean up). Be unique! Do not just copy Rule of The Bone, give a fresh perspective and environment.

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